Bread Equipment

  • A group with automatic tray loading for the production of French sticks and rolls, it is equipped with a series of rolling mill dividers, a 4-cylinder moulder, and a loaf lengthener.
  • By adjusting the multi-position belt, you can switch from one production to another (French sticks, rolls) with great ease, and without technical compromises, to achieve optimum bread formation.
  • The VBS BG, equipped for automatic loading of the product into trays, is a modular structure and can be customized with various accessories such as: a dough hopper, a intermediate prover positioned before the molder, loaf lengthener, automatic round divider, rolling mill for pita bread, and many others.
  • Compact group, with the recliner long molding table, ideal for the production of FILONI.
  • The solid shoulders in the 15 mm thick aluminum guarantee the structure of the formation and dividers greater stability and precision to always work to perfection.
  • The outer casing parts are made of refractory stainless steel brushed against accidental impacts optimal solution to ensure conformity to HACCP standards.
  • Bravo AF can work from 1 to 4 files, rotating knife with 3-speed, forming 4 -cylinder type ” S” and drawer for the collection telescopic FILONI.
Dividers Rounder’s


  • Machine suitable for dividing and rounding dough for bread, pastry and pizzeria.
  • Painted steel structure, AISI 304 stainless steel knives.
  • Divider disc in treated food aluminum cast.
    The rounding motor starts only when the cut has been made (lever down) due to a safety micro switch.
  • Three plates in PETG food material supplied.
  • Mounted on wheels with parking feet and key for their adjustment supplied.
  • Work cycle: manual pressing, cutting and rounding by means of levers.
  • Our bread slicers it’s suitable for artisanal use in small laboratories thanks to its reduced dimensions and for intense use for large productions.
  • Great reliability machine, without maintenance, need thanks to the bearings mounted on the oscillatory movement of the knives that avoid wear and noise.
  • The controls placed head-on allows to adjust the force and the cutting speed adapting to any type of product.
  • The security covers, included on all models, enable to start the cutting phase in total safety and is opened automatically at the end of the cycle.
  • An innovative system allows controlling the thrust of bread towards the blades, avoiding crushing or damaging during the cutting phase.