The Beverages Industry

Filling, Labelling, Sealing, Inspection, marking & Coding, Packaging Solutions for the beverage and liquids industry.

Anasia provides a wide range of machines:

Our commitment is to produce safe, practical, cost effective and  aesthetically appealing and robust packages that are ideal for growing markets.

Filling and sealing Solutions

flexible packages

The benefits of packing beverages in flexible packages can be summarized in:

  • It is easy to manage and dispose of.
  • It is resistant and light.
  • It preserves and protects the product.
  • Safety during and after transportation
  • It is re-closable

Sachets – Suitable for Ketchup, Juice, Vinegar, Oil, Detergent…etc

Pouches suitable for packaging most kinds of liquids. It is easy to manage and dispose of, resistant and light, reserves and protects the product and It is re-closable

Jars, Cups and Buckets

We provide a wide range of models divided into two macro categories: In-Line and Rotary . They are packaging solutions suitable for dosing and sealing products such as milk and cheeses, sauces, creams and everything that includes liquid and pasty products. Our filling and welding machines can be integrated into any production line , as well as guaranteeing a high possibility of customization.

Forming, Filling and Induction sealing (FFS) for almost all kinds of liquids like water, Yogurt, jam, Nutella, Sauces and Dippings..etc. in cups, small trays or Buckets

Filling lines for mayonnaise, tomato sauces, honey, jams, ketchup and vegetables pickled in oil and vinegar

Yogurt/Jam filling and sealing machine
Bucket Filling – Sealing

Labelling Solutions

Anasia supplies linear and rotary labelling machine suitable to meet all user’s needs, be it output speed or packaging varieties. Thanks to the high engineering flexibility, the machines outstanding characteristics are specifically conceived for high performances in all production processes.

We Supply Solutions for:
  • Multiple labels on cylindrical, conical, oval and square-based containers by means of a wet glue system.
  •  Roll Fed Hot melt Labelling Machine for cylindrical or shaped containers.
  • Modular labelling machine, which allows to combine different label application technologies on a single rotary machine
  • Application of paper or plastic wrap-around labels on cylindrical or shaped containers, by means of a hot glue system.
  • Multiple self-adhesive labels on shaped containers, featuring a linear conveyor belt that allows the labelling of voluminous containers.
  • Self-adhesive labelling stations which can be included independently on production lines or in complex labelling machines.

Product Safety and Inspection solutions

For beverage manufacturers seeking to ensure bottle integrity, fill level and proper cap application, CI-Vision’s FBI is a standardized vision inspection system for filled bottles that integrates easily into existing production lines; performing high speed inspections of fill level,
cap presence, cap height and tamper band integrity.

Supplying various vision technologies and inspections Equipment that work together to form a total quality assurance program.

Marking, Coding and Traceability

We provide codes that are 100 % legible, all of the time. From product coding to pallet, we have got you covered with complete coding and traceability solutions, using the latest primary technologies dedicated specifically to the beverage market. Our machines operate at the highest efficiency and speed available, on a variety of substrates such as PET and glass bottles, aluminum cans, liquid carton bricks, pouches, shrink-wrap films, cardboard cases and pallets.
We provide solutions for the Beverage industry:
  • Continuous Inkjet printing.
  • Large character hi-resolution printing for carton boxes.
  • Large character drop- on- demand printing for carton boxes / plastic containers
  • Hot melt coding/printing on flexible packaging films
  • Print & apply labeling for pallets
  • Laser hi-speed printing ofr Plastic ot metal containers.

Your challenges

  • Attain high line productivity even at temperatures of 45°C / 113°F
  • Minimize code and changeover adjustment time
  • Assure operator safety

Our solution

  • Patented scribing technology – Intelli’Arc – codes 30% faster* than vector lasers in part due to our unique Intelli’Cool systems which prevent overheating at high duty cycles and minimize downtime.
  • Aiming diode (standard) and CoLOS® software expedite
    changeovers and code adjustments.
  • Compliant to ISO 13849 (PLd) ensuring safety

Your benefits.

  • Greater peace of mind, more codes per minute even in extreme conditions, saving up to 150 hours per year with faster changeovers
Your challenges
  • Avoid damage to the packaging material.
  • Prevent missing or unreadable codes while meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Ensure code integrity (right code, right product)
Our solution
  • Consistent energy delivery with proprietary scribing patterns ensure laser does not dwell too long in one place to pierce or perforate material
  • Intelli’Cool and Intelli’Arc provide high quality shapes and perfect codes
  • User interface delivers data security via locked fields, protected profiles and parent/child mode.
  • Extra control via CoLOS Data Management
Your benefits
  • 100% code compliance.
  • No package damage, product claims, recalls or scrap due to incorrect or non-compliant codes

Your challenges

  • Maintain performance with minimum effort.
  • Keep maintenance costs low.
  • Diagnose issues easily and minimize downtime

Our solution

  • Simple basic maintenance: tool-free, quick disconnect  capabilities and modular design to enable straightforward part exchange and easy lens cleaning.
  • Range of service level agreements including advanced service exchange option of 24-48 hour service, configurable beam orientation solution
  • Smart interface with warning messages and log files to guide maintenance

Your benefits

  • Minimal corrective maintenance or downtime over 7 years.
  • 99.9% line efficiency and 60,000 hours MTBF

Your challenges

  • Achieve optimal return on investment (ROI) and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Maximize resources while minimizing capital and operating expenditures
  • Ensure equipment can adapt easily to future needs

Our solution

  • Lower running costs due to less energy used, no plant air or consumble costs, long-life extraction filters and extended maintenance intervals as well as a proven MTBF of 60,000 hours † and a 30%* longer life versus other options.
  • Simple firmware upgrades to ensure laser remains effective as production requirements change.

Your benefits

  • Optimized ROI and TCO, today and tomorrow

End of Line Solutions

Anasia offers complete packaging lines downstream of production/filling equipment developed by world class partners with a high level of technological involvement with the handling of single products like brik cartons, bottles, plastic or glass pots, and other types of packages.
We Provides a wide variety of solutions for the liquids and beverages industry:
  • Wrap around carton.
  • American style packers (top-load or side-load).
  • Shrink film wrappers (Overlap or seal-bar).
  • Sleeve wrapping machines.
  • Case and crate packing machines,
  • Combined packers (wrap around carton + shrink film or tray + shrink film).
  • Complete Palletizing solutions.
 complete end of line solutions with high level of automation: