Bakery & Confectionary

Anasia provides a wide range of machines:

Our commitment is to produce safe, practical, cost effective and aesthetically appealing and robust packages that are ideal for growing markets.

Storage “Silos”& Raw Martial Handling
Anasia offers a wide range of Silos solutions to help you store your raw materials before getting into the processing phase.

Our Solutions include but not limited to:


Fabric / stainless steel silos for flour, sugar and handling system including micro ingredients system:
Designed for storing powder products for the Bakery & Pastry Processing industry.

Flour Cooling

Controlling the dough temperature is a key factor to obtain consistently high quality in both the artisanal and industrial production of bakery products.


It is an integrated solution that provides mechanical and thermal energy for preparing natural liquid yeast – from dissolution to maturation and maintenance.

Bakery & Pastry Processing Solutions.​
Anasia supplies and installs different types of machines and equipment that would serve your bakery and pastry processing needs whether it is for your small Artisan shop or for your Industrial facility.

Our Solutions include but not limited to:

Dough Mixers
Dough Moulders
Complete Lines
Anasia Supplies A Wide Range Of Complete Lines For The Production of Pies and tarts, Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, Pastry Products, And Complete Topping Lines.
Packaging solutions
Anasia offers bakeries a wide range of machines that are flexible and can change format in a matter of minutes. They are easy to sanitize and use and do not require special maintenance operations; nevertheless, they guarantee aesthetically perfect packages with robust and safe seals.

Anasia supplies and installs a wide range of packaging solutions from packaging machine to complete fully automated packaging lines for, but not limited to:

Packaging Styles:
Marking & Coding

We provide codes that are 100 % legible, all of the time. From product coding to pallet, we have got you covered with complete coding solutions, using the latest primary technologies dedicated specifically to the food markets. Our machines operate at the highest efficiency and speed available, on a variety of substrates such as Flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper-based container and liquid carton.

We provide solutions for the Bakery & Confectionary industry:

  • Continuous Inkjet printing.
  • Large character hi-resolution printing for carton boxes.
  • Large character drop- on- demand printing for carton boxes / plastic containers
  • Hot melt coding/printing on flexible packaging films
  • Print & apply labeling for pallets
  • Laser hi-speed printing on Plastic or metal containers.

Your challenges

  • Attain high line productivity even at temperatures of 45°C / 113°F
  • Minimize code and changeover adjustment time
  • Assure operator safety

Our solution

  • Patented scribing technology – Intelli’Arc – codes 30% faster* than vector lasers in part due to our unique Intelli’Cool systems which prevent overheating at high duty cycles and minimize downtime.
  • Aiming diode (standard) and CoLOS® software expedite
    changeovers and code adjustments.
  • Compliant to ISO 13849 (PLd) ensuring safety

Your benefits.

  • Greater peace of mind, more codes per minute even in extreme conditions, saving up to 150 hours per year with faster changeovers
Your challenges
  • Avoid damage to the packaging material.
  • Prevent missing or unreadable codes while meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Ensure code integrity (right code, right product)
Our solution
  • Consistent energy delivery with proprietary scribing patterns ensure laser does not dwell too long in one place to pierce or perforate material
  • Intelli’Cool and Intelli’Arc provide high quality shapes and perfect codes
  • User interface delivers data security via locked fields, protected profiles and parent/child mode.
  • Extra control via CoLOS Data Management
Your benefits
  • 100% code compliance.
  • No package damage, product claims, recalls or scrap due to incorrect or non-compliant codes

Your challenges

  • Maintain performance with minimum effort.
  • Keep maintenance costs low.
  • Diagnose issues easily and minimize downtime

Our solution

  • Simple basic maintenance: tool-free, quick disconnect  capabilities and modular design to enable straightforward part exchange and easy lens cleaning.
  • Range of service level agreements including advanced service exchange option of 24-48 hour service, configurable beam orientation solution
  • Smart interface with warning messages and log files to guide maintenance

Your benefits

  • Minimal corrective maintenance or downtime over 7 years.
  • 99.9% line efficiency and 60,000 hours MTBF

Your challenges

  • Achieve optimal return on investment (ROI) and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Maximize resources while minimizing capital and operating expenditures
  • Ensure equipment can adapt easily to future needs

Our solution

  • Lower running costs due to less energy used, no plant air or consumble costs, long-life extraction filters and extended maintenance intervals as well as a proven MTBF of 60,000 hours † and a 30%* longer life versus other options.
  • Simple firmware upgrades to ensure laser remains effective as production requirements change.

Your benefits

  • Optimized ROI and TCO, today and tomorrow
Product Inspection
Minimize Overfill to Reduce Waste

Using a dynamic checkweighing
system ensures each individual
product is inspected to guard
against under- or over-weight,
and comply with Weights and
Measures legislation.

Foreign Body Detection and Rejection

Metal detection, Optical sorting and x-ray
inspection systems find
and remove foreign body
contaminants to ensure the
highest quality

Package Integrity Inspection
Packaging errors increase costs and can damage a manufacturer’s reputation. Our advanced checkweighing, x-ray and vision inspection technologies perform package integrity checks to identify quality issues and ensure non-compliant product is removed before they reach the supply chain.
Product Inspection
Metal detectors
X-ray systems

Front-end inspection enables early contamination detection before further value is added to the product, protecting bottom-line profits. This also safeguards equipment downstream from potential damage due to large foreign bodies, such as mineral stones.

In-process inspection minimizes product waste due to overfill of packaged foods, saving costs. It also enables the reworking of product, thereby protecting profits. Processing issues can be identified and rectified to optimize production line efficiencies.

End of line inspection delivers peace of mind that the packaged product, leaving the facility, is contaminant-free and adheres to brand integrity requirements. This helps to avoid product recalls and secure repeat business from satisfied customers.