Wires, Cables, and Plastics

100% permanent, readable codes, even in the harshest production and usage environments
Extruded plastic takes many different forms, including pipes, wires, tubing, and cable insulation. Emerging trends show a preference for anti-microbial plastic pipe, as well as eco-friendly ABS and PE plastics. Traceability is vital in this industry, and codes have to remain 100% readable, even in demanding environments or on difficult substrates such as PVC, PE LSZH, or PP plastics.
A coding Solution for every product in the industry

Lightweight rigid and semi-rigid plastics have replaced glass or metal containers as the packaging of choice for many products. They are also frequently used for industrial components. These lightweight, durable plastics include polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). While the use of rigid and semi-rigid plastics can reduce shipping and handling costs, the different chemical composition of these plastics can affect ink adhesion or the effectiveness of laser coding.

Continuous InkJet Printers (CIJ)
Our CIJ printers can print up to 20% faster than other competitive models. Specialty inks are available in multiple colors, including a one-fits-all silver ink and a selection of MEK-free inks that will guarantee high contrast codes on a wide variety of substrates. It can print 3,000 km of cable without requiring printhead cleaning and is able to print precise, perfect codes on even the smallest wires, down to 1 mm.
Laser High-Speed Printing
The SmartLase laser portfolio provides a cost-efficient solution for coding on most cable, wire, pipes and plastics materials at high speeds. The SmartLase C350 and F500 coders produce permanent codes that will not fade or rub off over time, and the coders are available in four different wavelengths, to meet variable needs regarding permanency, visibility, fluid resistance, and the chemical composition of the substrate, plastic or metal.
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