Dough Mixers

  • Painted steel structure raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet.
  • Bowl, spiral, contrast column and safety guard in stainless steel.
  • Two independent motors for spiral and bowl.
  • Two-speed spiral motor, one-speed bowl motor.
  • Tank motion inversion selector.
  • Motion transmission with pulleys and trapezoidal belts.
  • Tub bending roller.
  • Front controls with two timers.
  • Working time setting with automatic passage from 1st to 2nd speed.
  • Painted steel rack raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet
  • Two independent two-speed motors for spiral and bowl.
  • Closed bowl powder-protection lid made of stainless steel with blue polyethylene rim.
  • Electric commands with two timers, setting of work time with automatic shift from 1st to 2nd speed
  • Possibility to dump the bowl on table (1,2 m approx.) or on divider (1.7 m approx.) on right and left (to specify together with premises height).
  • Hydraulic lifting system.
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral tool, contrast column and security guard.
  • Two independent motors with two-speed for spiral and bowl.
  • Impulse buttons to rotate the bowl and remove product
Industrial Planetary Mixer
  • Double tool planetary mixer and with pressurizable bowl to mix whipped products, sponge cake, extruded or deposited cookies, soft biscuits and tarts.
  • Standard or jacketed bowls on castors, tools of stainless steel AISI 304, with adjustable speed, scraper with support of stainless steel and scraping blade of teflon.
  • Operator panel “Touch screen”, suitable to archive up to 50 recipes, each with a max of 10 phases of mixing.
Planetary Mixer
  • This new planetary EVO of the line joining the new carpentry optimized to ensure maximum ergonomics in the least amount of space possible space, the reliable transmission belts, silent and free of any maintenance.
  • The top cover of painted metal and the absence of plastic components give both aesthetically and in practice very sturdy and pleasing lines of sight.
  • Two versions available: with adjustable three-speed and with speed control by inverter and potentiometer.
  • Completing the standard equipment very powerful engines and high performance to satisfy even the most demanding customer.